Guile & Glory: Firstborn - Chapter 1 - 4 Balance Update

Hi all! We've just released the promised balance update for Chapters 1 - 4! This update reworks quite a few levels, as well as adding some polish to various areas, and some new dialogue. You can find the full list of changes below:

What's New:

  • Chapters 1 - 4 have been rebalanced, and the progression of difficulty should now be smoother
  • The Lorebook is now unlocked in-game, and has been given it's own story event 
  • The Dreaming Mirror (and Free Mode) is now unlocked in-game and has been given its own story event
  • In-text actions in dialogue such as *gasp* *pant* *yawn* etc. have been given their own dialogue colour

Bug Fixes:

  • The slowdown issue is toast! Guile & Glory should be back to glassy smooth 60 FPS on most machines!
  • UI fixes to accommodate the revisions to the Lorebook and the Dreaming Mirror

Up Next:

  • Dialogue Skip (first pass) - It's taken a while, but were's getting there!
  • Revised Glory economy
  • Arenas (first pass) - pit a team of your choosing against randomised enemy hordes
  • Chapter 5
  • Revised character progression

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