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Guile & Glory: Firstborn is the story of a world on the brink of ruin. A legion of nightmarish immortals sweeps across the land, slaughtering all who would oppose them. Blades shatter and arrows snap against the demonic flesh of the horde, and death follows in their wake. But as swords fail and kingdoms crumble, three heroes rise to challenge the darkness.

Master natural hazards and deadly traps as you make your stand against the darkness in turn-based tactical combat. The enemies in Firstborn may be immune to mortal weapons, but they can still die.

Cut a swathe through the hordes of nightmarish immortals by pushing, pulling or manoeuvring your opponents into the path of lethal hazards.

Gather and lead a party of unlikely heroes as they rise from humble beginnings to become humanity's greatest champions.

 As your heroes grow in power, you will master and combine powerful new abilities to turn the battlefield against your enemies.

Gigantic beasts haunt the forgotten corners of Firstborn's world, waiting to unleash their earth-shaking fury upon unwary travellers.

Wield skill, patience, and courage to prevail against impossible odds as you cast down nightmarish titans bent on plunging the world into an endless age of darkness and ruin.

Take up the mantle of Aspirant and face the brutal challenge of Guile & Glory's story-driven campaign head on; or venture off the beaten track to amass forgotten lore and unravel the mysteries of the Firstborn.

Each new region you explore will bring it's own challenges and unique enemies to test your mettle as you lead your heroes on a quest for revenge across an ancient world of gods and monsters.

State of the Game:

Guile & Glory: Firstborn is currently in Early Access. If you're thinking about whether buying Early Access is right for you, we've included a list of the current features  and content below:

  • 27 Story missions
  • 3 Playable heroes
  • 2 bonus unlockable heroes for Free Mode
  • 33 Unlockable Lorebook entries
  • New: Character Progression!
  • New: Dungeon Crawls - including 24 combat scenarios and 3 new boss fights!

We'll be updating this list regularly as we roll through more content, and we hope to see you in Early Access!


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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