Guile & Glory: Firstborn v0.215 - Patch Notes

Hi all! We've just released another Early Access patch for Guile & Glory: Firstborn. You can find the full list of changes below:

What's New:

  • Updated  Chapter 3 - level 3, and Chapter 4 - level 3 to prevent the UI blocking off part of the map in those levels
  • Added updated Outlander idle animation by Goat Toaster Games
  • Changed the turn count requirement for the first bonus condition on Chapter 4 - level 1 to reflect Tchey's  7-turn clear
  • Knocking characters into the edge of the map now stuns them, the same as knocking them into a wall or another character


  • Characters can no longer be knocked out of the map
  • Warning tiles for ranged attacks now rotate correctly
  • Threat tiles should now always spawn when mousing over a new character
  • The "Hotkeys" entry should now be added to the Lorebook immediately upon starting a new game

Up Next:

  • More bug-fixes
  • Polish and balancing for Chapters 1 - 4
  • Character Progression Update


Guile & Glory: Firstborn Early Access v0.215 18 MB
Mar 21, 2019

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