Guile & Glory: Firstborn - Early Access v0.21

Hi all! We've just released another update for Guile & Glory: Firstborn! This update brings a bunch of new content, including a revision of the Free Mode interface, and a first-pass on Chapter 4.

New Stuff:

  • Chapter 4
  • 5 Story levels
  • 3 Free Mode levels
  • New Slaver skill
  • Giant enemy type
  • Revised Free Mode interface
  • Pressing "G" toggles grid visibility in combat

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed incorrect cursor when using the Rakshasa's "Nightmare Blast" skill and mousing over an ally
  • Fixed issue with unavailable free mode levels displaying incorrect objective nodes

Up Next:

  • Mid-week patch to address known issues
  • Revised and expanded skill trees for the 3 heroes
  • Polish pass for Chapters 1 - 4
  • Voice packs for the Giant, Rakshasa and Wyrm enemies

Known Issues (Contains Spoilers):

  • Warning tiles for Archer and Rakshasa not rotating correctly when affected by the Slaver's Rope Bomb
  • The Giant glitches out and flies off the map if belly-slamming a character in the top tiles of Ch 4 - Level 3
  • Issue clicking on the Cyclops in the top left of Ch 4 - Level 4 (clicking the portrait or using the Tab key still works)


Guile & Glory: Firstborn Early Access v0.21 18 MB
Mar 18, 2019

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