Guile & Glory: Firstborn Demo Update

Hi all! We've just rolled through a major update to the free demo of Guile & Glory: Firstborn! This update brings the demo in-line with the current Early Access build in terms of visuals, UI and stability.

If you'd like to try Guile & Glory: Firstborn before you buy the Early Access, our free demo is a great way to get a taste of the game. If you have already finished the Early Access build, you might still want to give the demo a try. It has some different content, including the Dread Wyrm Challenge...

New To The Demo

  • Updated sprites from the Early Access build
  • All bug fixes from the Early Access build
  • New dialogue in the Dread Wyrm fight
  • New "Hotkeys" Lorebook entry
  • Developer tools to skip demo content as desired

The Dread Wyrm Challenge

If you've only started following us recently, you may not have heard of the Dread Wyrm. This ferocious beast wreaked havoc at last year's PAX Australia, leaving many players keen for another chance at battling the monstrosity. 

You can currently access the Dread Wyrm Challenge once you complete the demo. After you finish the "Great Deeds" quest, the credits will pop up, and you will be sent back to the title screen. Enter the demo again, and the Dread Wyrm will await you. If you have already finished the demo, or want to skip straight to the Dread Wyrm, you can use the developer tools found in the "Hotkeys" entry in the Lorebook.

Be warned, though, the Dread Wyrm is a sample of a late-game boss fight, and it is tough as nails. Challenge it at your peril!


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Feb 28, 2019

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