Guile & Glory: Firstborn - 4.11 Patch Notes

Greetings Aspirant, and welcome to another Guile & Glory: Firstborn development blog! The latest update brings some bug fixes and a revision of the Giant and Rakshasa enemies. You can find the details below (small spoilers):

What's New:

  • Added a new mechanic where some powerful Firstborn will take a turn to taunt the heroes after certain skills are used. Giants and Rakshasas now take a turn to taunt to after a successful Gut Charge. This makes Giant and Rakshasa battles significantly easier, and prevents heroes getting stun-locked.
  • A new status effect: Hubris. Enemies affected by the Hubris show purple exclamation marks over their heads, and will waste a turn mocking the heroes unless the effect is removed. Hubris is currently removed if the creature takes damage or is stunned. 
  • To offset this slightly, Giants and Rakshasas are now smarter, and will always attempt to club smash a target that is already stunned.
  • Tweaked the second phase of the final Rakshasa fight to be less brutal.
  • The Raksahsa's burrowing ability has been updated with new visuals. It is slower now, taking an extra turn to trigger, and also applies Hubris to the Rakshasa, meaning that it will waste another turn taunting after it completes a Burrow.
  • Updated Giant / Rakshasa club smash visuals with explosion effects when striking a character or wall.
  • Soul Orbs now play updated audio / visual effects when knocked into pits / water.
  • Fixed camera jank occurring when the Herald teleports during cutscenes.
  • Fixed knock distance showing up during dialogue.
  • Fixed the Boss UI playing showing an empty portrait at the end of boss fights.

What's Next:

  • Awakened Rakshasa Optional Boss: The focus of the last few updates has been to smooth out the difficulty curve of the first five Story Chapters, but we know that some of you love a challenge. We'll soon be adding our first optional boss to the World Map, and it's going to be brutal! Fear not, however, the rewards with be worth the struggle!
  • Steam Update: We're well on the way to getting our Steam early access sorted, and we'll keep you posted as that develops!

Thank you for reading, and we hope that you enjoyed this Guile & Glory: Firstborn development blog. May your adventures in the Drowned Lands be glorious!


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Hi there ! What happened to the Steam version ? And the Linux work is still in progress ? And are you well ?

Hi Tchey!

Thank you for checking in! With the pandemic and the lockdown, some of our team members have had to adjust their schedules, and we've had to push things back a bit as a result. 

However, everyone is well and settling back into work on the project, so the the Steam and Linux versions should be ready soon!

We hope you are doing well in these trying times, and we look forward to getting your thoughts on the updates when they arrive!


All good then ! See you soon.