Guile & Glory: Firstborn - Early Access 4.1 Release

Hello again and welcome to another Guile & Glory: Firstborn development blog! Today we are pleased to announce the release of version 4.1 of Early Access here on This update brings a revision to game balance in all five Story Chapters, as well as new story content, the new World Map, and new boss fights. You can find a full list of the changes below:

What's New:

Version 4.0

  • World Map Update: A map of the Drowned Lands has been added (unlocks after Chapter 2). Delves are now accessed from the World Map
  • Audio Overhaul: All characters should now have appropriate voice packs, numerous miscellaneous sounds added
  • New boss fights in Chapters 1, 3 & 4
  • New story missions in Chapters 1 & 5
  • Rakshasa battles in Chapter 5 have been completely redesigned
  • Giant and Rakshasa enemies have been redesigned
  • Unlockable heroes now show how to unlock them in their Lorebook entry
  • Rakshasa playable hero has been rebalanced
  • Delve bosses in the Bone Wastes have been rebalanced

Version 4.1

  • Fixed various bugs, typos etc.
  • Fixed intermittent freeze during Chapter 5, Level 2 "Rematch"

What's Next:

Version 4.2

Version 4.2 will focus on rebalancing and refining Chapter 5 once again. We feel that the changes in 4.0 were definitely for the better, but there's still room to improve, and we'd love to hear your feedback!

Version 4.3 (Steam)

Version 4.3 will be the Steam release (due in a couple of weeks). This update will add new Boons, as well as Delve content for the Road of Kings.

Thank you for reading this Guile & Glory: Firstborn development blog. May your adventures in the Drowned Lands be glorious!


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I know you must be very busy, but please take a time to check my post about a crash that I have been having while playing your game. I'm unable to continue my adventure =(

It is on your forum about the Rakshasa lvl.

Hi Skull666,

Thank you for the report. We think we've found the problem, and we should have a fix up in a few hours.