Guile & Glory: Firstborn - Boons of Divinity Update

Hi all! It's finally here! The Boon System is implemented in Guile & Glory: Firstborn. This update is probably the biggest to date, and brings a hefty chunk of new content and features. You can find the full list below:

Note: If you are a returning player, we highly recommend starting a new game to enjoy the updated experience from the beginning. You will not lose your old progress if you start a new game in a different save slot (see below).

What's New:

  • Chapter 5 - A new playable story chapter, with new lore, secrets, and boss fights
  • The Boon System - A completely revamped approach to character progression, allowing you to customise the playstyle of each of your heroes (more info below)
  • Multiple save files - You can now have up to three active games on the same machine
  • Resolution settings - You can now adjust the game resolution from the settings menu
  • Tweaks and improvements to Chapters 1 - 4
  • A boat-load of bug-fixes, tweaks, and quality of life improvements

What's Next (in approximate order of appearance):

  • Something special for PAX Australia
  • Free Mode overhaul
  • Boons for Free Mode characters
  • Chapter 5 (Free Mode)
  • Chapter 6 (Story Mode)

Boons of Divinity - Introduction

If you want to discover the Boon System on your own, feel free to skip this section. The Boon System is relatively straightforward, but there is no in-game tutorial, so this guide is here as a reference if needed.

What are Boons:
Boons represent the blessings granted to a character in exchange for Glory. Think of your character's boon as their class.  For example, the Slaver hero is a ranged character who uses a whip and a bag of gadgets to battle the Firstborn. These core parameters never change, but how he uses them is determined by his boon. By default, the Slaver is relatively mobile, with average durability, and a single action available on his turn.  With the reach granted by his whip, the Slaver is best served by hanging back from a battle, harassing and picking off foes with ranged attacks.

By equipping the Dervish boon, the Slaver trades off some health for the ability to take a second action on his turn, allowing him to cause  significant havoc, but leaving him extremely vulnerable to  enemy attacks.

By contrast, armed with the Accursed boon, the Slaver gains  significantly increased health, and the ability to regain some health when killing an enemy, at the cost of reduced movement range. This allows him to serve as a front-line tank, absorbing hits that might otherwise dispatch more fragile allies.

Each character presently has access to several boons with their own strengths and weaknesses, with many more to come.

Accessing Boons (minor spoilers):

The Boons Menu can be accessed from the Chapter Map.  You will not be able to access the Boons Menu until you complete Chapter 1, and you will not be able to equip new boons to the Slaver or Guardian heroes until they join your party as part of the story.

Thank you for reading, and may you find Glory in the Drowned Lands!


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Sep 16, 2019

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Oh, and still waiting for Linux native.

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Hi Tchey! Linux is definitely still in the works! We don't have a final release date for Linux yet, but we'll aim to get a version up and running by the Steam release, at the latest.

Nice, thanks !


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